6 Office Renovation Tips for Successful Design

Not surprising, the mood and motivation of employees are largely determined by the work atmosphere within the organization. Recent research shows that millennials consider a pleasant atmosphere in the office to be the most important condition for staying with a certain organization for a longer period of time. Moreover, when employees work in a pleasant, stable work environment, they are much more productive.

With the right design and smart office renovations, you create a pleasant working atmosphere. Not only the office furniture is important, but the appearance and experience of the entire space. By successfully furnishing your office, you ensure more productivity and interaction among your staff, and it also contributes to a positive feeling for everyone who enters your office.   

However, many organizations are not aware that the way in which the office is furnished and designed indirectly has an enormous influence on the cooperation, communication and atmosphere in the office. Discover how a good renovation contractor in Vancouver can do office renovations in such a way that it improves the working atmosphere. With these ideas, redesigning your office will be a breeze.


1. Open and spacious working atmosphere  

To create an open working atmosphere, it is important to consider a good layout when office renovations. Do not literally place departments in boxes, but ensure a varied layout. This prevents each team from operating on its own island and enables open communication and a pleasant working atmosphere. In addition, make sure that the spaces are not too tight. Having to shuffle past each other or even disturb each other in order to pass is disastrous for the atmosphere and is discouraging.   

Open place offices are said to be good for mutual cooperation, productivity and creativity. However, research shows that the lack of privacy within open-plan offices is not appreciated by employees. Professional renovation contractors in the Lower Mainland can help you avoid these well-known issues and create a perfect layout for your office.


2. Sufficient daylight  

Not to say, it is very important to create sufficient daylight in the office. A dark office makes you feel gloomy and sleepy. The right light ensures a better mood and the production of sufficient vitamins. However, be sure that the light comes from the right angle. When the sun hits your computer screen exactly, it makes working very difficult. Planning the passage of light with respect to employees’ sitting plan needs to be taken care of.  


3. Green in the workplace  

An inspiring workplace contributes to the efficiency in the workplace. The presence of plants on the work floor ensures good humidity; it absorbs polluting gases such as cleaning agents, and the oxygen supply means plants cause less stress. Providing a green environment benefits the health of employees, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity. Plants do not consume a lot of cost of renovations; thus, they are a budget-friendly option to go for.  


4. Attractive and budget-friendly walls

Then, there are, of course, the walls that should be considered in office renovations. These largely determine the extent to which you experience the space in a room. Do you opt for painted walls or for wallpaper? With the wall in a room, you can make the room appear larger or smaller, and you can opt for a very sleek or somewhat ‘looser’ look. This is how you determine how a room comes across to your guests. Drywall framing is the best option to choose for the office environment, as they are easy to install and affordable too. 


5. Office furniture and furnishings  

Does your office opt for modern or classic? The design of the office and the furniture you use for it also carry great importance. Maybe your office furniture such as chairs and desks are just worn out. Therefore, take a good look at whether some adjustments in this area can help you further. In such a case, you can also easily change the setup in your office with which you can easily match your office with a different style. For new furniture styles, you can consult the employees for the options and what their preferences are. This way, you ensure something for everyone.


6. Shine through floors  

Another very defining aspect of your office space is the floor there. A new floor changes more than you might think at first! Perhaps the floor is completely worn out, or it is high time for a completely different type of floor. There are limitless available options when it comes to the different types of floors that exist – a hardwood floor, vinyl or laminate, for example. Choose a floor that suits the style of your company and of course, also pay attention to the intensity with which the floor will be used. This way, you can easily choose a floor that helps you to renew your office interior, and your office looks a lot better right away. 


7. Wonderful acoustics  

The acoustics of the workplace is very important. At first, you may not consider the importance of office acoustics, but noise pollution in the workplace is a source of frustration. Several systems have been designed to prevent this, including suspended ceilings, drywall panels, and design objects that optimize the office acoustics of the room. These systems not only have a practical effect but also immediately provide a fun and creative addition to the interior.  

If you find it difficult to determine how to organize your office, you can, of course, ask an expert for advice. Buzz Builders can help you set up your office in the way you would like! 


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