Have you finished your shell, and it’s time to complete your new home or corporate building with perfect ceilings? Do you want to renovate the ceilings of your home to give your interior more aesthetics or to ensure your comfort? Call on Buzz Builders for installing your ceiling design in Lower Mainland. To offer each of our customers a personalized service, we spare no effort. Our perfect mastery of handling all the materials as well as our know-how gives us the opportunity to succeed in each ceiling design project entrusted to us.

Attention to detail and rigor on site are just a few good reasons to choose us as your ceiling contractors. Doing business with the best ceiling contractors, we guarantee you well-made works that meet the quality standards of the construction and renovation industry. The quality of our services is the value we uphold in each of our interventions. Your renovation project will be a real success in our company. To always support you better in your construction projects, we offer different kinds of ceiling installation services.


GWB and T-bar ceilings

GWB or gypsum wallboard are flat ceilings and are quick and cheap to install. We do offer cove ceilings as well that gives a unique look to your space. T-bar, on the other hand, is a kind of ceiling made in a grid style and dropped below the primary ceiling. In fact, both of these ceiling styles are made by attaching the structure in grid style; thus, they are often confused as the same. However, T-bar ceilings, in both residential and commercial projects, are suspended or drop-out ceilings bend towards the ground. We take our customers through each step of the ceiling in the pre-designing phase. We offer the services you need to complete your designing project with a perfect style and within the budget.


Acoustic ceiling panels

Acoustic ceilings are appealing, cost-effective, and versatile option to choose from. These are excellent in absorbing the noise and designed to improve the sound comfort of premises. When installing the world’s most efficient acoustic solutions, we focus on the environment and space first. In designing, we go beyond acoustic that also improve visual comfort, reflect daylight, and resist the humidity of your space.


Concrete spray texture/ Concrete ceiling Level 5

Many people are now removing the traditional down ceilings and going for concrete spray textures over the ceiling. Concrete spray texture includes the straight concrete layer and spraying with a different kind of texture as per customer’s requirements. Level 5 refers to a coat of drywall compound that is coated to give a final finishing to the ceiling. This is done to provide a unique texture to the wall to make it look appealing.


Metal Linear Ceilings

Metal linear ceilings are made from environment-friendly and sustainable materials. The presence of spaces between the slats allows creation of an interesting design with a directional effect. They come with design flexibility, favorable budget, and fire stability while giving an attractive & contemporary design to your home or office. Metal linear ceilings are easy-to-install that add to the aesthetical value of your premises. We will be able to sublimate metal linear ceiling to give a special character to your interior.  With feasibility studies and the production of explanatory plans, we remain at your side finding a solution that best integrates into your spaces. Do not hesitate to contact us for renovating or installing ceilings.

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