Due to the durability and efficient composition, drywalls are used in building interiors for residential and commercial buildings. Apart from being a durable alternative to traditional wall plastic interiors, drywall is an easy-to-install option and is comparatively affordable. The best part is that drywalls work in reducing noise and are relatively resistant to fire than other cheap materials. 

We use Gypsum drywalls of different sizes that vary as per the need of design and are installed by cutting in frames and hung over the walls according to your requirement. They are installed over the ceilings and walls of a house or office. From installing to maintaining and repairing, Buzz Builders offers a range of specialized services that make the process of installing drywall easier than ever. Our professional contractors in Lower Mainland are highly qualified in the field and will be able to assist you with all your requirements.


Services We Offer in Metro Vancouver And Lower Mainland

Residential drywall services

At Buzz Builders, we know how much the interior design and safety matters to you and your home. Drywall is a quick and easy solution to install on walls and ceilings having long durability and looks beautiful. Our team of experts finds the realizations that will best suit your environment and making our work memorable as one of the best drywall contractors in Vancouver and Surrey. From beginning to end, we will set up the drywall framing and completing the renovation project in a stress-free process.


Commercial drywall services

In commercial buildings, Buzz Builders understands the need of material type to be used in a different environment and thus offers you with the best kind of drywall solutions for a durable structure. We offer standard as well as moisture-resistant drywalls that keep you save from unwanted repairs and extra costs. Moreover, the materials we use are eco-friendly.


Drywall renovation services

When you have an old drywall that looks dull or have leaks and creases, we will renovate it with our drywall renovation service. When your wall or ceiling have patches, it is difficult to match textures of the space, but not with us! Buzz Builders specializes drywall repair in Metro Vancouver so you can relax and let us renovate the outdated walls of your home, office, or building. From matching the textures to clean dry and perfect finishing with paint coating, we will do all the renovation work for your drywalls.


Drywall Installation

The process of installing drywall involves setting the panels of drywalls systematically in the frames over ceiling or walls. We are experienced drywall contractors in Vancouver doing the installation of drywall with the best finishing in minimum time. With our years of experience in the field, we will complete your installation work in a very smooth manner. Firstly, the drywall panel is hung into the place where they need to be installed. Once settled, they are taped with paper tape or mesh tape. This is useful to cover the creases between frames and drywall panels. Then the drywall is fixed by applying some primer and sealant and is finally coated with paint for attractive finishing.


Sound Proofing

Are you tired of intrusive noise from outside of your building or office? Do you want to avoid sounds of your next-door neighbors? Then you need to invest in soundproofing of drywalls that keep your space private and protected. If you are installing drywall for the concern of safety and noise reduction, our drywall service with sound proofing is a great option for your building or home where the wall needs attention.


Drywall taping

Drywall taping involves the work of adding tape to the edges, corners and seams of the drywall panels. Taping is an important part of drywall setting because if it is not done, you will soon see folds and seams at the places where frames and panels are attached. To avoid these creases after painting the drywalls, taping smoothens the wall and ceilings to make it always look new. Do you need drywall installation for your residence, office or any commercial building? Our experts will help you with the complete work from start to finish. Just contact us for a FREE quote.

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