Drywalls are used to build interiors for residential and commercial entities. These are durable, efficient, easy-to-install, and affordable as compared to the traditional wall plastic interiors. Moreover, the best part is that drywalls are sound and fire-resistant too.

At Buzz Builders, we use Gypsum drywalls of different sizes. These are installed over the ceilings and walls of a house or office. These are cut into frames and then hung over the walls as per the requirement.


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We use Gypsum drywalls of different sizes that vary as per the need of design and are installed by cutting in frames and hung over the walls according to your requirement. They are installed over the ceilings and walls of a house or office. From installing to maintaining and repairing, Buzz Builders offers a range of specialized services that make the process of installing drywall easier than ever. Our professional contractors in Lower Mainland are highly qualified in the field and will be able to assist you with all your requirements.


Services We Offer in Metro Vancouver And Lower Mainland

Buzz Builders specializes in a range of services – installation, maintenance, and repair. Our professional contractors in Lower Mainland have everything that you may need.

Residential Drywall Services

We understand the value of the interior design and your concerns with safety. That is why we offer the best drywall services for your place.

Drywalls are easy and quick to install. Besides, these are durable and look beautiful too. Our team of experts offers you the best services that not just suit your environment, but also make the entire experience memorable. We take care of everything from beginning to end. That is why we are the best drywall contractors in Vancouver and Surrey. Not just this, we also set up the drywall framing and complete the renovation project in a hassle-free manner.


Commercial Drywall Services

Our seasoned professionals offer only the best solution. They understand the requirement and the material to be used in different places. Our standard, as well as moisture-resistant drywalls, will prevent you from spending extra on unwanted repairs and costs. Moreover, keeping the environment in mind, we use eco-friendly materials.


Drywall Renovation Services

At Buzz Builders, we provide renovation services too. If your house or office walls have old drywall that looks dull or even have leaks, creases, or patches, reach out to us.

Apart from the above, Buzz Builders specializes in drywall repair in Metro Vancouver. If you have outdated walls, need not worry, for we have everything to meet your needs. Right from matching the textures to clean dry, giving a perfect finish with a paint coat, we do it all.

Drywall Installation

The process of installing drywall involves setting the panel of drywalls systematically in the frames. We have experienced drywall contractors in Vancouver. Our drywall installation process is so seamless that it would only give the best finish.

Our vast experience in the field makes it possible for our experts to complete the installation work in a smooth manner.

Drywall Installation service in vancouver

Firstly, the drywall panel is hanged in the place where they need to be installed. Once settled, drywalls are sealed with paper or mesh tape. This is done to cover the creases between frames and drywall panels. Primer and sealant is applied to fix the drywall. Lastly, it is coated with paint to give it an attractive finish.


Sound Proofing

Drywalls are soundproof. These keep your space private and protected. If you are looking forward to something that promises you safety as well as reduced noise, go nowhere other than to the Buzz Builders. Above all, we provide you with the best drywall services in Vancouver.

Drywall Taping

Not only this, but we also offer drywall taping services. Drywall taping means adding tape on the edges, corners, and seam of the drywall panels. Taping is an important part of the drywall setting. If it is not done, your drywalls may soon see folds, or seams at the places where frames and panels are attached. Taping is done after painting the drywall to avoid creases. By taping, the wall and the ceilings get a smooth and new look.

Contact our experts, if you are looking forward to installing drywall in your residence, office, or any commercial building. Our professionals will help you from start to finish.

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