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The most considerable, persistent, and everlasting structures need an outstanding framework to rest on. Buzz Builders is one such framing contractor company in Vancouver & Lower Mainland that provides commercial and residential framing services.


For years, our experts are investing in each of our framing projects and delivering just the best. Not only this, our professionals go above and beyond to meet the customers’ expectations.


Above all, we focus on quality measures. With our consistent improvement strategies, we ensure exceptional work standards, therefore we meet the best realistic outputs. We keep the track of our customer requirements and provide superior framing work. Whether it is for residential or commercial areas, we believe in smart and integrated solutions.


Moreover, we use the best material panels and trusses made with superlative materials. Features of our drywall framing service include light gauge steel stud walls, structural framing, fire-rated assemblies, and much more. We value your time and keeping this in mind, we complete the projects within the time frame.


Characteristics of Buzz Framing Service in Vancouver

Light gauge steel stud walls

Light gauge steel stud construction involves the framing of thin steel sections. To shape the steel in series, firstly, melting hot rolled steel sections are used in contrast with cold-formed sections. At Buzz Builder, we use galvanized steel in frames which is capable of keeping the corrosion away. Why choose steel stud framing? Choose steel stud framing because these are long-lasting and will not get cracks. We work on big commercial and residential steel stud framing projects. Apart from this, our experts install the framework in a manner that lasts for a lifetime.


Bulkhead Ceilings

Whether to mask changes in heights of ceilings for air conditioning or for decoration, bulkhead ceilings should be the preferred choice. We work on drywall framing of the ceilings and also prepare bulkheads with complete attention to detail. Moreover, we work with utmost efficiency that our bulkhead ceiling framework will surely make a difference in the design and lifestyle of the space.


Soffits are the underside of roof elements. These serve to enhance the architectural beauty of buildings, be it home, or office. Functionally, soffits help in concealing light fixtures, plumbing elements. Not only this, these also keep the moisture away, thereby maintaining the durability. However, our professionals believe that innovation and design go hand-in-hand, thereby they deliver the same.


Structural Framing

Structural framing vancouver

Structural framing means to construct a building by fitting the framing material pieces together to form a framework. The structural framework is done by using concepts, technology, artwork, and symbols. The purpose of structural framing is to ensure that the building is strong enough to hold all the weight being put on the walls or roof. This is a cost-effective, long-lasting and enduring solution, therefore considered the best.


Fire-Rated Assemblies


Not only this, to protect the building from fire, an assembly is put in a way to resist it. To save and protect it from fire, a combination of materials is applied to the steel stud to give it a protection cover. At Buzz Builders, we use superior quality steel that absorbs heat and also makes the building fire-resistant.

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