The most considerable, persistent, and everlasting structures need an outstanding framework to rest on. Framing is not just about building and material, but it involves the process of construction, including the expertise and quality management of building structure. Buzz Builders is a framing contractor company in Lower Mainland working on commercial and residential framing services from years. Our professional team members are entirely invested in each of our framing projects and endeavor to deliver the best results that go beyond our customers’ expectations. We focus on the quality measures along with consistent improvement strategies to ensure exceptional work standards and meet the best realistic outputs. Our superior framing work is done by keeping track of the requirements of our customers.

Whether it concerns a residential area, an office, a hospital or a school: we believe in smart and integrated solutions. We use the best material panels and trusses made with superlative materials and the best craftsmanship. Some of the features of our drywall framing service includes light gauge steel stud walls, structural framing, fire-rated assemblies and more. We understand the value of your time; thus, we do all the work in particular time cycles, so that everything is done within the timeframe. Thanks to our years of experience and great knowledge, we alone can think like no other about the context of a drywall framing project.


Characteristics of Buzz Framing Service in Lower Mainland

Light gauge steel stud walls

Light gauge steel stud construction involves the framing of thin steel sections combined to make the required structure. Melting hot rolled steel sections are used in contrast with cold-formed sections to shape the steel in series. Our galvanized steel used in frames is able to keep the corrosion away. The best part of choosing steel stud framing is that they are long lasting and will not crack. We work on big commercial and residential steel stud framing projects. Our experts install the framework in a qualitative manner so it lasts for the lifetime.


Bulkhead Ceilings

Bulkhead framing in ceilings is done due to many functional reasons. Whether to mask the changes in heights of ceilings, for air conditioning projects or for decoration, bulkhead ceilings are a most opting option, especially for commercial buildings. We work on drywall framing of the ceilings as well as prepare bulkheads with complete attention to details. Our bulkhead and ceiling framework will surely make a difference in design and lifestyle of your space.



Soffits are the underside of roof elements, basically, the part of the ceiling that is lowered. Aesthetically, soffits serve to enhance the architectural beauty of your home, office, or other buildings. Functionally, they are helpful in concealing light fixtures, plumbing elements, and keeping the moisture away, thus maintaining the durability of ceiling materials. We show how innovations can be applied in combination so that they have a positive influence on sustainability and the design of the houses.


Structural Framing

Structural framing refers to the construction of a building by fitting the pieces of a framing material together to form a framework. The structural framework involves some concept and technology that includes the artwork and use of symbols. With the combination of columns and beams, these horizontal and vertical elements are structured to rise buildings. Structural framing is a cost-effective, long-lasting and enduring option for building projects.


Fire-Rated Assemblies

When the building needs to be protected from fire, an assembly is put in a way to resist the fire. A combination of materials is applied to the steel stud to cover it and save it from the fire. There are combustible or noncombustible materials that are constructed to fulfill the needs of a model building code. At Buzz Builders, we use the superior quality steel that absorb the generated heat and make your building resistant from fire for a long time. Looking for Vancouver’s framing and drywall contractors for your next building project? Just contact us for a FREE quote.

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