Did you know that a poorly insulated house could result in you in losing up to 60% of your energy consumption? Whereas if insulation is done right, it reduces the energy bills. So, would you like to save on your bills with good insulation? Do you want to have a home where you can feel relaxed with the right temperatures both in winter and summer?

Contact the Buzz Builders. Working for more than 5 years, we provide insulation services for all types of buildings. Not just this, our team of professionals helps you in making the right insulation choice for your place. Besides, we thrive only to provide you with the best advice. Also, our efficient interior, exterior insulation solutions are budget-friendly.


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Not limited to the above, we also adapt to your needs and budget and provide you options to choose from: glass wool, acoustic, and rigid, etc. Whether it is the insulation of ceilings or walls, our team of experts gives personalized advice and perfect integration to your environment. If you want to improve the insulation of your house without touching its facade, contact our professionals. Our years of experience in insulation enable us to present a solution that suits the interior and exterior of the premises.


How to Know if Your Home is Not Insulated Well?

Here are some of the symptoms of poor insulation:

  • Cold walls
  • Cold floors
  • High heating costs
  • Condensation from windows or walls
  • Ice formation on the edge of the roof
  • Sensation of movement of fresh air

Types of insulation we offer in Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver

Acoustic/ Batt insulation

Acoustic or Batt insulation decreases the noise in your space. Acoustic damping is the process of reduction in the propagation of airborne sound by absorption. Moreover, the sound is deflected in other directions through insulation, thus reducing the intensity of the sound. Damping or sound absorption is one of the strong characteristics of ambient acoustics. If you are looking forward to getting acoustic insulation on your premises, contact us.


Mineral wool

Mineral wool house

Renowned for its thermo-acoustic properties, mineral wool is one of the most widely used insulation both for interior and exterior. The use of mineral wool is common for the insulation of houses and apartments for several reasons. These are inexpensive. In terms of performance, these have thermal and have sound insulation. Besides, the mineral wool is non-combustible. We, at Buzz Builders, use high-quality non-metallic materials comprising glass wool or stone wool insulation which provides safe insulation to your project.


Rigid insulation

Over the years, our team has developed unparalleled expertise in the installation of insulation of all kinds. Rigid foam insulation is an alternative to blown cellulose fiber, in areas where it is not the ideal solution. Firstly, energy systems offer specialized installation of rigid foam insulation for multiple uses. Secondly, the rigid foam provides excellent durability and water resistance, making it suitable to save resources from going to waste. Also, these assist in saving on your energy bills. We can help you choose the best solution for your home. So, go nowhere other than to the Buzz Builders to avail the best rigid insulation services.


Vapor Barriers

In the context of insulation work that uses certain materials such as mineral wool or bio-based insulation, it is essential to install a vapor barrier in addition, to form a barrier to the vapors. This protective screen thus contributes to guaranteeing a good lifespan of the insulating layer, and our insulation experts know how to do this job well to ensure the safety of your home. If you have any concerns and requirements related to the insulation of your home or commercial project, contact Buzz Builders. We are the top insulation contractors in Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver.

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